Thursday, January 26, 2012

Necrons - 2k - Experimental v1.7

Overlord 165pts
Warscythe (10pts)
Phareon (20pts)
Rez Orb (30pts)
Weave (15pts)

Destroyer lord 140pts
Weave (15pts)

2x Crypteks 105pts
1x Solar Pulse (20pts)
1x Lance (10pts)
1x Veil of Darkness (30pts)
Staff of Light (free)

19x Warriors 247pts

6x Immortals 102pts
Tesla Carbines (free)

6x Immortals 102pts
Tesla Carbines (free)

9x Warriors 232pts
Ghost Ark (115pts)

5x Wraiths 205pts
3x Whip Coils (30pts)

6x Scarabs 90pts

Monolith 200pts

Monolith 200pts

3x Spyders 200pts
2x twin-linked particle beamer (50pts)

Total: 1988pts

No annihilation barges. Dual Monoliths. Not sure if I should swap the Tesla Carbines for Gauss Blasters for the extra chance to glance vehicles. It's disheartening how expensive Necron Anti-tank is...

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