Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blue Table Painting Battle Reports

Blue Table Painting is a company based in Utah who offer a painting and conversion service (amongst other things). They put out quite a few videos each week detailing projects they are working on, introductions to games, things for sale, and the occasional battle report. All of which is a real treat to watch and incredibly inspiring.

For me, most battle reports are pretty boring due to the viewer never really seeing any of the action and it's just some guy talking to the camera about moves and rolls. Blue Table is different in that they actually film (more or less) the entire battle and you see the dice rolls, the moves, and the banter (which I personally love). They are by far my favorite battle reports to watch. Shawn (the owner of BTP) seems like a great guy and is real fun to watch as he jokes and carries on with a staff who seem equally excited about the hobby!

The battle reports range from Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, and some introductions to games such as Infinity, Malifaux, etc. This week they put out a new Warhammer Fantasy battle report which was a good watch. I personally don't play Fantasy, but these videos definitely make it look like fun! Check out the battle report below and keep an eye out for his other videos as they are all a lot of fun.

Shawn also maintains a blog ( which details his musings, army compositions, and deals that he is offering. 

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