Monday, January 2, 2012

Necrons - 1k

Here is a list I played this past weekend. It was a huge disappointment but I don't think the list is inherently bad lol:

Necron Overlord (Catacomb Command Barge - 80pts + Warscyth - 10pts) - 180pts

3x Crypteks (3x Lance - 10pts each, 1x Solar Flare - 20pts) - 125pts

5x Warriors - 65pts
5x Warriors - 65pts
5x Immortals (Tesla Carbines - 0pts, Night Scythe - 100pts) - 185pts
5x Immortals (Tesla Carbines - 0pts, Night Scythe - 100pts) - 185pts

Annihilation Barge - 90pts
Annihilation Barge - 90pts

TOTAL: 985pts

When I made this list, I thought the solar pulse was 30pts instead of 20pts, which could have netted me an extra warrior. 

This list got absolutely creamed. This was only my 2nd time playing as Necrons but even if I were more experienced with them, I don't think there was much I could have done. This list went up against a Grey Knights list which was heavily armed. Despite having quantum shielding, I still saw 4 of my 5 vehicles destroyed in 1 turn of shooting. This was mostly due to excellent rolling, but even if I had had another turn, I doubt much would have changed. In this particular game, we rolled up Annihilation with dawn of war. 

The Night Scythe really isn't a great transport. However, It's the only transport that anyone besides Warriors can take. It has some very serious fire power but it's very fragile. So you can either zip around all game going super sonic to acquire a 3+ cover save or you can use your the Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor and guarantee that you'll be grounded next turn. If you don't deliver the payload before the vehicle is grounded, they'll be forced into reserves and be walking the rest of the game across the board which is equally terrible. Unfortunately, If this was an objective game, I would almost certainly need Night Scythes but they are quite expensive at 100pts. 

Necrons and Grey Knights are similar in that they are both most effective within 24'' of each other. The difference is that Grey Knights get much better firepower for considerably cheaper. The Tesla Destructor without an AP value and short range is only reliable at killing mass infantry that do not have an armor save. Against Marines, the Tesla Destructor is lacking. The destructive power of the Psycannon really puts the Destructor to shame. For 10pts it's amazing and with infantry being able to carry it, makes it all the better. 

The Crypteks didn't do much besides immobilize and weapon destroy a Psyrifle Dread (The GK's only armor). The solar flare bought me 1 turn of not taking any casualties, but due to Marine saves, 4 Tesla Destructors only resulted in about 2 or 3 dead marines before all 4 of my Tesla Destructor vehicles were destroyed next turn. I still swear by Crypteks and the solar flare, just in this particular game, they were left with very little to shoot at.

This list really relies on the vehicles which i'm still not sure is the best way to play Necrons. I certainly have not seen much get done with Necron Warriors but I've also only played 2 games, both of which used small squads of warriors. Immortals seemed good, in one case earning me 12 hits (from 5 guys) and 11 wounds. However with Marine saves, this only resulted in 2 dead marines. The Overlord was a large waste in this game. Due to the GK army being castled up, he simply could not jump out and attack and find sufficient cover. I moved him toward the right flank just so he could do something, but all 3 of his attacks missed the GK Strike quad and he died next turn due to the sheer number of shots coming his barge's way (it was actually only the 2nd shot that killed him, I failed the 3+ cover save and 2 6's in a row resulted in a destroyed result). The overlord bailed but simply can not hold his own in close combat against force weapons. He never got to swing. I'm not sure the barge is even worth it due to its cost and how it forces him to run solo which doesn't work well for synergy. Keeping him back to protect the line also seems like a waste since most armies contain some long range weaponry that will pick at your line from afar. The warriors spent the rest of their days hiding in the wreckage of the 2 Annihilation barges just for the cover saves against Psycannons. 

I'm not going to rate this list on the Goodbeary chart as I'm still unsure of whether it's the list that failed, crazy dice rolls, or just the nature of Grey Knights. 

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