Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doom Scythe - Why do people find this so hard to grasp?

Blue Table Painting put out a recent battle report in which the Necrons and Eldar duke it out. The Necron player brought a long a Doom Scythe and played it exactly as detailed in the codex, however to my surprise, there was a user who claimed they didn't do it right and in fact the doom scythe hits EVERY model if the line touches even only one model in the unit. Below is the conversation that transpired and ultimately I feel like grinding my face off with a belt sander by how people can't comprehend simple instructions.

First off:

and for reference:

The first comment:
This guy responded to my first post:
Somewhere in there, this guy sides with me!

Gstruction responds:

Wise responds:

I respond to Gstruction:

I'm at a lost for words.....


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