Sunday, July 8, 2012

6th edition Hive Tyrant - Now with more kickass?

With the new edition, i've somewhat been rethinking the Hive Tyrant. Is he still extremely overpriced? Yes. However he provides some utilities and options that can really open up a Tyranid army for more potency.

FACT: Old Adversary is a must now

So what makes the hive tyrant so good now? Part of the reason is that while on foot he can have a 2+ save and is one of the only monstrous creatures that can take a "retinue" which also have a 2+ save. While 2+ saves are still devastated by most shooting attacks (especially now with the rise of plasma) it makes him brutal in CC. A second reason, which can be seen as a slight buff for all MCs, is that MCs attacks in CC are ap2 which is incredibly hard to get now without having an effect on your initiative. Finally, physic powers. The Hive Tyrant has 2 and while he can only cast 1 a turn can result in some fairly terrifying results.

Flying Hive tyrant: 285pts
               Wings (60), 2 Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech worms (30), Old Adversary (25)

Must move 12''- 24'' a turn. Can fire 2 weapons. Can make a sweep attack over a model he flew over in exchange of firing 1 less weapon. Requires a 6 to hit while swooping. Can fire in a 360 degree arch. Twin-linked weapon with 12 shots and on 6s to hit gets to pick who is wounded. Rerolls 1's to wound. And can charge in and still wreck some faces. It's expensive but what he does for the army is critical. He makes whoever is around him absolute monsters and his physic powers (while random) can make him or a unit absolutely disgusting.

Walking Tyrant: 460pts
              Armored shell (40), Old Adversary (25), 2 Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech worms (30),  3   Tyrant Guard (180) with lash whips (15)

Provides a bubble to all those around him much more efficiently than the flying Tyrant. Will destroy just about anyone in close combat especially with being able to utilize lookout sir and with those lashwhips dropping everyone to a lower initiative. 

I can't really see a reason to take anything other than the Devourers. Lashwhips are okay but he has a 5 initiative. Boneswords are kind of a waste since he's already cutting through 2+ saves and the only perk is the few times he goes up against a character but more times than not he'll probably blow them up anyway unless they have storm shields...fething storm shields..

There are 2 downsides for the Tyrant. The price is the biggest issue. Is he more survivable now? Yes and no. In close combat; definitely. Against gunfire; about the same which isn't much. His survivability is determined solely on the physic powers he generates which unfortunately are random. His other downside is Eldar. A reoccuring theme with Tyranids that their mortal enemy is now Eldar and still very much Dark Eldar and Grey Knights.

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