Saturday, July 6, 2013

Painting Challenges

It's been awhile since i've posted but I have been busy painting! I'll do a recap of what I've done in the previous months and will start trying to update this blog with images, lists, and games more often again. started a monthly painting challenge in February of 2013 and I've been partaking each month. Here are my accomplishments thus far!

February - Necron flyers

April - More Necrons!

Bonus - April Game table!

May - I missed out on May due to biting off more than I could chew but will have that done soon as it got pushed back a bit with June. I will have all of it done in July though.

June - Tyranids! 

July I will finish a large wave of Tyranids and begin on a small Dark Eldar force! If you wish to get involved, you can head over to reddit's warhammer subreddit and make a pledge of your own!

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