Monday, March 5, 2012

Necrons win Indy Open with this list..It's interesting

Imotekh the Stormlord 225pts

Orikan The Diviner 165pts

3x Crypteks 100pts
1x Aeon stave (free)
1xChronometron (15pts)
2x Tremorstaves (free)
Seismic Crucible (10pts)
1x Lord 90pts
Warscythe (10pts)
Resurrection Orb (30pts)
Mind Shackle Scarabs (15pts)

Ctan Shard 230pts
Writhing Worldscape (35pts)
Lord of Fire (10pts)

7x Lychguard 315pts
Hyperphase swords + Dispersion Shields

5x Warriors 65pts

5x Warriors 65pts

5x Immortals 85pts
Guass Blasters (free)

Fast Attack:
5x Wraiths 200pts
2x Whip Coils (20pts)
1x particle caster  (5pts)

4x Scarabs 60pts

5x Scarabs 75pts

3x Spyders 165pts
Gloom Prism (15pts)

3x Spyders 150pts

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