Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Advanced Networking - Cables

I'm going to change it up a bit and post some of my networking notes that I took a few weeks back:

Bonded ethernet - Connecting 2 switches together to balance the load. Takes a couple ethernet links and splits it up.
EARL - Encoded Address Resource Logic - balances the traffic

Everything is done with full duplex - It makes more sense and errors will show up (if any) as FCS (Frame Check Sequence) errors in the logs

You have to limit errors on the line because as speed picks up, these errors acculumate and slow everything down.

Etherchanel - splices mutliple ethernet bandwiths together but makes them function as 1 cable due to software.
40gb and 100gb ethernet cable actually rolls together multiple cables to reach the desired bandwith but is managed at the hardware level.

802.3bj - attempting to reach 100gb speeds on copper cable expected by march 2014. Cheaper because of copper.

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